Etsy Photos

After creating my Facebook page I have decided to further my outreach by creating my own framed photography pieces. I’m not sure how much interest this will develop, but I just thought I would take the opportunity to further my skills and knowledge about photography and the sale of photos. I believe amateur photography should… Read More Etsy Photos


It’s 2017 and still not much has changed. We live in a world of fear and hatred and where innocent people die without reason. The recent Manchester terror attacks have bought the realisation that terrorism is a pandemic, affecting the lives of many. Social media is awash with people sending their condolences and tributes to… Read More Terrorism


Poetry is wonderful. It is a form of writing that can express the feelings, expressive emotions or simple admiration towards anything and everything in life. Only now have I started to read poetry and understand the varying ways that words can be structured to give alternate meanings and paint striking imagery. It is very easy… Read More Poetry


Just when we thought that the start of 2017 was the sign of a fresh new beginning, Donald Trump is presented to the world as the most recent US president. I think everyone has just about had it with all the talk surrounding the current world affairs and what this all means for the future… Read More 2017


With the festive period in full swing and the year soon approaching a close, many people will not remember 2016 with the fondest of memories. But the overall social connotations linked to this time of year are often disregarded. The feeling of spending time with family and friends and ushering that phrase “who cares, it’s… Read More Festive


A sudden alteration in events can change anything. Even when we think that nothing can go right there always seems to be a quantifiable transformation in fortune. Each person has their own means of escape whether it be music, writing, reading or physical activity; not all at the same time obviously. But it is also a known… Read More Reminisce


The free flowing mind is beautiful. When you spend time to just ponder and let your thought processes drift to the parts of your brain that you never knew existed; it’s great. A thought that I recently had was the matter of competition. People from all walks of life compete against each other throughout the careers.… Read More Competition