Be the Best Version of Yourself

I am alive! I apologise for the long gap between posts but I have been super busy with University work and haven’t had time to post (I shouldn’t be posting now, but that can be our secret). I visited the Photography show at the NEC yesterday and was really excited to explore and generate some inspiration for future posts. The event was a huge success alongside Comic con, if you’re into that type of thing, whilst proving beneficial for me in generating contacts and developing my photography skills.

Lonely bus stop man.

I was surprised with the amount of photographers and the amount of people that enjoy the art of taking a photo; it was truly inspiring. Hearing stories of those that have been largely successful in the subject, as well as those that have become photographers through social mediums (there’s hope for me yet), it had me thinking about motivation and why people choose to take photos. But this isn’t just photos, it’s everything; from sport to painting to writing to reading, we each have something that motivates us and adds value to our lives. I’ll be the first to admit, my photos can sometimes lack creativity and these types of events with so many budding photographers can leave you feeling lost or questioning your ability, however, it can also give you so much creative inspiration. The main talking point was creating a story through photographs, which really struck a chord. Shouldn’t we be trying to tell a story in whatever path we choose? I’ll leave that to your wonderful imagination and whatever your future may hold.

No matter what your niche is, try to learn something new each day about that subject, attend events days and meet people who share the same interest. Who knows, they could really help you on your journey.

Check out my Facebook photography page (you might even give me a like, who knows?)


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