It’s 2017 and still not much has changed. We live in a world of fear and hatred and where innocent people die without reason. The recent Manchester terror attacks have bought the realisation that terrorism is a pandemic, affecting the lives of many. Social media is awash with people sending their condolences and tributes to the poor lives that have been lost. But still, we find ourselves just as helpless as before. We’re as scared of the consequences of these terrorists and there still seems like there is nothing we can do to prevent the attacks. The days following an attack are heavily secured, but the same cannot be said a couple of months after an incident. We believe that, as a nation, we are immune to such attacks; but as shown, we’re as open as ever.

The phrase that is often coined in desperate times such as these is that we “must stand up to the terrorists” but this is near impossible. In this current age, filled with technological advances and ever improving medicinal cures, we are still not close enough to making terrorism extinct and it’s scary. Parents should not be forced to worry about whether their children live another day when going to a concert. We need to prove to these murderers that they do not control our lives and that we’re stronger than their existence. Living a life of bitter concern is creating a world that that the terrorists strive for, which they control the way we live. Staying strong as a community, as a society, as a country, as a world, can only make the fight against these terrible people easier.

We don’t want a future where we fear for our wellbeing when going out to the shops, or for the endless worry of security breaches at concerts. We want a world free of innocent suffering and a world where children can live knowing that they have a bright future ahead of them. Our fight against terrorism continues and the victims of the attacks will never be forgotten.

Instagram: Nathancaesar
Twitter: Ncaesar98
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RIP to the victims of the Manchester attacks.

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