Poetry is wonderful. It is a form of writing that can express the feelings, expressive emotions or simple admiration towards anything and everything in life. Only now have I started to read poetry and understand the varying ways that words can be structured to give alternate meanings and paint striking imagery. It is very easy recall the monotonous English lessons reciting the semantic fields and connotations of the colour red, but there really is the prevailing message that there is a poem out there for everyone to relate to.

It is often forgotten how powerful poetry is and is often perceived as being boring. Despite these perceptions, a large amount of poetry often takes the form of lyrics in songs and can even express a deeper meaning. The refreshing splendour of poetry allows everyone to attempt this creative art and express feelings which sometimes are hidden. I have stressed in previous posts how being creative and letting ideas flow can benefit life, work and general knowledge; but this can also release that true feeling of accomplishment that comes with being expressive and unique.

I’ll leave the interpretation of this poem to you.

Stillness and calm
the rhythmic flow of the breeze
The etched scar passes
as the leaves beneath you
crumble and weep.

Instagram: Nathancaesar
Twitter: Ncaesar98
EyeEm: Nathancaesar

Whether it be a blackout poem, a sonnet, a limerick, a haiku or a simple song lyric; there is poetry for anyone and everyone.



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