Just when we thought that the start of 2017 was the sign of a fresh new beginning, Donald Trump is presented to the world as the most recent US president. I think everyone has just about had it with all the talk surrounding the current world affairs and what this all means for the future so I won’t dwindle on what could’ve been. However, a positive which has arisen in light of all of the recent happenings is the craving desire for a united humanity. It’s taken what feels like an eternity for this idea of helping each other and fighting for the same goal to finally take shape. Who knew that a stark contrast in president would drastically alter the overall mood of 2017?

Although, it’s easy to say that the world is becoming more united and a passion for revolt is looming; the overall mood of current affairs are generally mixed. A concoction of guilt riddled delight and a relatively disheartened life is being led in the current era; but what sort of legacy does this leave the next generation? The life being introduced into the current age, are they really being given a future or just false hope? As a child, you’re blind to what happens in the current society (with good reason) which often leaves the belief that the world is a happy, kind and wonderful place to live. How long until this deceitful fairytale is scrapped and children start seeing the world for what it really is?

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On the plus side, only eleven months until Christmas.. (Or another negative?)

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