Urban or Rural Life?

Nightlife or countryside? An often asked question which I often struggle to answer. I would be aptly suited to the hustle and bustle of the busy town centre (not a nightclub before you ask) but also the peaceful serenity of a local nature reserve. They say this type of question says a lot about a person, I’m not sure what, but I think that both sides offer moments of real happiness. Whether it’s the lit up streets of London with skylines filled with skyscrapers or the English fields with miles of Greenland; I could vouch for both.

Judging from the majority of my photos on social media and on my world famous blog (okay, maybe slightly exaggerated) the onlooker would think that I’m a lover of rural escapes and I suppose I am, but part of me gets a real buzz from stalking the tightly packed streets and looking at historic man made monuments. I suppose the plus side of the city life is that you don’t need an umbrella with the countless shops to browse. (An important factor considering the English weather.)

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Not as much countryside in London evidently..



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