My name is Nathan Jay Caesar and I have created this page for people not only interested in photography, but also for those that are interested in the ideology of a photograph. The concept that a photo encapsulates a moment in timeless serenity. To me, a photo has social connotations; being able to share the experience with others and having the ability to relish the minutes that make a lifetime through a simple image.

I am continually ambitious in my attempts to become a photographer as I have a passion for it. Just like I have a passion for sport, reading and writing. (An odd mixture, but it works.) Realising that this is an ‘About Me’ page I better stop with the idol chat. I am currently studying at Worcester University on a sport development and coaching course, with a career in the sport  industry my main aspiration. I love football, Fulham FC being the team, yes we all make our mistakes.

But anyway, thanks for being here and don’t forget to come back. Make sure to check out my posts, after all, that’s why you’re here, right? Also, make sure to check out my Facebook page at NJCAEPhotography.

Instagram: Nathancaesar
Twitter: Ncaesar98
EyeEm: Nathancaesar
Flickr: Nathan.caesar

Taken by my personal photographer.

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